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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Pied Piper my way

( I would suggest reading the orignal Pied Piper first http://www.indiana.edu/~librcsd/etext/piper/pages.html )

"Where the children went"
By: Adam Gale

The piper piped and the dancer followed
All the way past the woods and down a tree that was hollowed
Deep deep down they went
The steps were narrow and bent
If only the dancers knew what was in store
But nothing they knew, of what they were in for
Sick and twisted was the piper’s smile
When they reached the bottom the dancers saw a pile
Rotten was the air, which was filled with a funk
The children looked in awe as the Piper piped his way to his trunk
They could not move or even gasp
But they knew the pile they were fainted to be cast
“You see,” the Piper said
“That pile is to be your final bed”
Pulled from the trunk was something sharp that shined
What the Piper was now to do was not kind
Swinging and stabbing
Thrusting and grabbing
The dancers were helpless under the Piper’s spell
One by one they were killed and thrown on top of the pile to forever dwell
The dancers joined the dancers of the past
The dancers who had danced their last
The pile of children was ridden with flies
The piper waved them away and closed his eyes
Falling back and down to sleep
When the piper hit, the children didn’t make a peep
Off to the land of dreams the piper went
To dream of the next land the voice would have him sent

Saturday, November 15, 2003

I’ve been thinking a lot about the world and everything around me right now. And if you think about it really the world as a whole, and the universe doesn’t always exist, really the universe doesn’t exist at all. The world only exists a little at a time, and really it is improvable that the little part of the world that exists to you really exists at all. I remember when I was little about 6 or 7 before I would fall asleep I used to think if what I said to other people was the same thing as they heard, and if what they said was what I heard. I though about this a lot and it always used to annoy me that I could come up with an answer, when I said hi did they hear “baa” which is the same thing as hi to them? I understand the how moot it is as long as communication is possible but when you expand on that idea it makes you think what is real? I starting to wonder if anything is real at all, if we only exist because we want to, Philp K. Dick had a theory that time didn’t exist that we were stuck in some date that I can’t remember, and that we didn’t really age our minds just matured over time and when our minds were ready we life behind this world which was not real, and went to the real world which was the date that I can’t remember. When I first heard about this I though he was nuts, but really after a while of thinking about it I realized that I couldn’t prove him wrong. That I can’t really prove anything right or wrong not matter how simply it is, I can convince people that something is true but never make it absolute. The real/make-believe universe is infinite, and real/make-believe time is infinite thus possibly is infinite making everything infinite which makes everything right and wrong, thus making everything nothing, yet at the same time making everything, everything. Reality could be summed up as a roulette wheel with an infinite amount of numbers and a ball and a ball that knows no friction and will never stop. Each number is a truth, (1) Christianity (599) Judaism (87298749873948) evolution (4255498787542124) Marry is a women. It’s really not as simply as that each number isn’t one truth but a universe of truths, for example (5245345) could be Buddhist are right, Dave is a blond, there are 707072304734 blades of grass under the tire swing at in Marry backyard, everything I just wrote is spelled right est. And really if you want to go into it each number would have truths within truths, so if the ball were to land and would have something that is absolute (which it never will) there would be an infinite number of roulette wheels within the truth of that number and each roulette wheel would have and infinite number of wheels with in that and so on. So I guess really the ball in the roulette wheel will not only stop at some point it will always stop, but at the same time never stop. So I guess again I was wrong and right that nothing is absolute, everything is absolute and yet nothing is. Which means I should go back to my teachers and tell them that I have gotten every question on every test and homework assignment right, and wrong and that I demand to be an honor student and get kicked out. Well I could go on for a long time about this but I’m going to quit because really it is pointless because tomorrow you will all become porcupines and then be eaten by a cherry pie made my the person who named the Granny Smith apple.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Many interesting things have happened this week in the news, for instance Justin Timberlake won a black-music award for best R&B performer. The award was a MOBO, which stand for “Music of Black Origin.” He was up against several other black female artist, but he came out on top proving once again that nothing makes sense.
Kazaa’s creator is suing the RIAA for using the popular program sharing software to find information on users of the program in order to file lawsuits against them.

Red Lobster recently fired its president for approving a new all you can eat crab special. Apparently she underestimated the amount of food the average American could stuff in their cubby mouths. Sadly the company chairmen stated this “it wasn’t the second helping, but the third and maybe the fourth.” Never underestimate the food consumption power of fat sex depraved American when attempting to eat away their pains, or get their moneys worth. There is something wrong with a world were people are eating themselves in to an early grave. PUT DOWN THE FORK AND GO FOR A JOG!

Vote Schwarzenegger, there are many reasons for people in Californal to vote for him if the chance is giving. First my reason, his name has the word “war,” and “zen” in it and there right next to each other, that’s so love-hate, life-death! But the real reason people should vote for him is because of his moving speeches “These guys have terminated dreams, they’ve terminated jobs, they’ve terminated everything we’ve had. This is war!” Unlike Arnold I am speechless.

That’s all I feel like writing.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I’m finally starting to get the hang of this Blog thing, after what seemed like minutes of clicking on a sea of links, which took me nowhere, I found this update page. Well I’m less nervous now so I’m going to go on my rant now!

I’m sure most people reading this love meat, Mmmm meat it’s so juicy and delicious and high in protein. I agree with that I used to be a butcher and I threw many barbeques in my day, but there is a problem with the mass production of meat. The number one consumer problem (the meat factory employees is a completely different story) with meat is what the animals are being fed, which is a large amount of shit. I mean that in the literal sense, cow are feed their own excrement, and also feed the bowel movements of other animals, in 1994 a public study in Preventive Medicine found that in Arkansas along around 3 million pounds of chicken manure were feed to live stock. Learn. It may just seem gross but it is also causing many heath problems such as E. coli 0157:h7 Learn to state the most famous of all the diseases. This is not where the heath problems end, other problems with poop getting into your meat is in the plant itself, when in intestines are cleaned out of an animal they have to be tied off to privet anything from protruding out of them, it takes a very skilled worker to do this with a success. One working at a plant stated that it took him 6 months to learn to do the job well, at best the worker claimed he can do 200 consecutive cattle without spillage, but with thousands upon thousands of cattle going in there a day that leaves about 20 percent spillage on a skilled workers best day. And with a average length of a persons career at one of these factory being only three to for months it could be argued that the spillage rate is much higher. When the intestines secret their contents is messy business often getting on all of it’s surrounding meat. Then it problem is worsened by the later production line, the line workers who cut fat and such off meat are supposed to clean there knifes every two hours, but with the production line moving as fast as it does this make that task nearly impossible. So when a side of beef that has been splattered with it’s own soil gets cut into it leave germs on the knife so then the next cut of clean beef that comes by could contract E. coli 0157:h7 as well as a number of other bugs such as. Cyclospora cayetanensis Learn , Listeria monocytogenes Learn , Campylobacter jejuni Learn , all of these bugs could cause major harm to anyone who is infected, ecpecally in the cases of children, who are also the number one consumers of hamburgers.
The question is now is there anyway to find beef that is not tainted? Sadly the independent cow ranches that once were once scattered all over rural America, are now few and far between, and the majority of the cows purchased for the independent farms are bought by the major slaughter houses, for insanely low prices. Which is the reason why the independent farms are disappearing by the hundreds a year, and that is another story in it’s self. Finding untainted meat is possible and will better the cattle industry by giving power back to the independent farmers, small non-chain butcher shops should carry meat from smaller packing companies but this in now way insures the sanitation of your meat. So I suppose the only way to find meat that is not handled in such ghastly ways is to do find out the company and research them to find out there practices, which are mostly hidden from the public. Or if you lucky enough to live by an Amish butcher shop there meat would be slaughtered the old fashion why.

Quick fact, in the Winter 1 percent of cow in major feedlots are infected with E coli, and during the summer up to as much as 50 percent are infected. If one percent of the cows were infected with E coli that would still mean that 3 to 4 infected cattle pass through the slaughter house every hour. A single cow could contaminate 32,000 pounds of ground beef by it’s self out of 800,000 pounds of meat produced a day.

Good books to read about this problem: Fast Food Nation, The Jungle (this is the uncensored one)

I don't have time to check this for errors, because I have things to do and I'm lazy but I will try and work on grammar errors later.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I don't have much to say right now, I'm kind of nervous.

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